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About Sandy Freschi

Welcome to my transformative journey! I'm Sandy – a seasoned spiritual coach, intuitive healer, and certified Human Design specialist. In 1990, during my service as a young Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, a profound calling revealed my life's purpose: centered around healing and transformation.

My Journey:

Beginning as a professional massage therapist in 1991, I accumulated 25 years of experience. Transitioning into intuitive arts in 2009, I delved into Akashic Records and Soul Realignment, infusing intuition into every facet of my practice.

Mastery in Human Design Reading:

Certified as a Level 4 Human Design Specialist by Karen Curry Parker in 2015, my passion lies in making the wisdom of Human Design accessible, unlocking innate truth and brilliance for my clients.

The Power of Emotion Code Healing:

Amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, my journey took an enlightening turn. Grieving the loss of beloved pets, I discovered The Emotion Code energy healing technique. Now certified, I assist others in shedding emotional baggage, combining it with Human Design coaching for profound healing.

Guiding You as a Spiritual Coach:

My mission is to guide individuals toward holistic healing, self-discovery, and authentic transformation. With Human Design as my guiding compass and The Emotion Code as a powerful tool, I empower clients to embrace authenticity, release burdens, and navigate life's journey with clarity and purpose.

I extend my deepest gratitude for considering this transformative journey. Let's collaborate and illuminate your path toward healing and transformation together.

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