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Hey thanks for reading this far! Here's a little bonus info about how I got into the healing and intuitive arts... In 1990, as a young Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, I had an epiphany while sitting at my desk reviewing the drug and alcohol counseling records of the clients who had been seen that day. I was deeply burned out and ready for a change. That's when the lightbulb came on and I realized that my life is about healing. And so began the journey of my personal healing and professional development.

The details are below if you care to know where the journey took me.

Human Design Experience

Sandy was certified as a Level 4 Human Design Specialist by Karen Curry Parker in 2015. After receiving her initial training from Karen, Sandy studied from a variety of different sources… to include the “Living Your Design” program from the International Human Design School, “Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd, Foundational Classes for business and Human Design from the BG5 Business Institute, 64 Keys Human Design Genius Report and others.

Sandy takes an eclectic approach to her ever-deepening understanding of the complex system of Human Design and believes that the wisdom of Human Design is already encoded within us. She strives to make the information in the system as accessible as possible, so that you can easily apply it to your life and unlock your own truth and genius.

Beyond Human Design

Sandy's first steps into the healing and intuitive arts started in 1991 when she became a professional massage therapist. Over the decades, she gathered 25 years of experience before retiring her massage license for the final time in 2020. She taught several healing modalities during her massage career, to include Clinical Massage Therapy and Quantum Touch Energy Healing.

While transitioning from massage therapy for the first time (in 2009), Sandy became certified to read and do healing work in the Akashic Records with a modality known as Soul Realignment. For more than a decade, she also informally developed her skills in the intuitive arts and channeling before gathering the courage to offer these services professionally in public.  Today, she openly works with the akashic records and she channels various energetic streams of consciousness to support her clients when they’re searching for clarity and healing.

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