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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing WHAT HUMAN DESIGN PROJECTORS NEED TO KNOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL



The signature theme for a Human Design Projector energy type is success. But how can you be successful when the world seems to be set up for the Generators, Manifesting Generators, and Manifestors? We’re going to explore that question in this article so that you get dialed into your unique roadmap to the kind of success you’re here to have.

The Projector, more than any other energy type, needs to develop a deep level of self-trust and self-acceptance. This is the foundation of all types of success that you could experience in life. By now you probably recognize that success is about more than the money in your bank account and the car in your garage. Success is about having a life that feels good; one that compels you to use your gifts to make your contribution in fulfilling and sustainable ways. 


  • How success feels to you 
  • How your body and mind are designed to align with success 
  • What you need to do to make the best decisions and take the actions that lead to authentic success 


As you read through this article, try to let go of what you think you know about yourself and what you want. Odds are that you only have part of the story. You probably know a lot about your personality and what it wants in terms of success. But you might not be as familiar with what your body wants and needs in order to feel successful. 

You know that you’re in the flow of success by the way you feel inside. It feels good. There’s no resistance. Everything seems to line up in a relatively effortless way. 


You get in the flow of success by allowing your body and mind to work in harmony. This requires that you listen, feel, and discern what’s true and good for you at the very deepest levels; and that you make decisions according to your inner truth and wisdom. 

You have a unique process for discerning your truth and making decisions. When you honor this process, you become your own authority about your life. When you build trust in your inner nature and core strengths, this puts you in the flow of the highest expression of your purpose. 

Your trust allows your mind to relax, and your body to get into the flow of your life. The flow ultimately leads you to your success. As a human being, you have a mind that must rely upon a body to take it through physical experiences. Success is very much a mind/body venture. In other words, your mind needs your body, so it can experience life. 

Too often the mind is given free reign over the body’s territory. It’s allowed to micromanage the direction that life takes. You inevitably knock yourself off the trajectory of your true success when you let your mind micromanage your life. You know this is happening when you’re worrying, fretting or otherwise trying to control your destiny.


Guiding Others Successfully 

Mastery of a System

Guiding Others Successfully 

As a Projector energy type, you were born with the potential to be very wise about how other people can use their energy to create success. When you’re with the right people who truly recognize your gifts and talents, you can help them create enormous success, just by asking the right questions at the right time.  In turn, you experience your own success through monetary or other types of abundance.

You likely feel very successful when you are being of benefit to other people in this way. And it’s very important that you learn to discern who you can truly help and support with your guidance. Recognition and invitation are very important to you in this respect. You are more likely to be successful at guiding people who recognize you for who you are, and invite you into their lives 

Mastery of a System

You benefit from studying and mastering a system that can guide others. Sometimes it can be a system that you create, or it can also be someone else’s system that you’ve found to be very effective. 

You may find, like many Projectors, that working with a good established system brings you recognition through credibility. Eventually, as with all masters, you may end up modifying or creating your own system from what you have mastered. 

It’s important that you invest time and energy into studying the things that truly interest you. You can be seen (or judged) as the perpetual student. This is your path. You are the treasure trove of information and wisdom. Just because your studies don’t seem practical to others, doesn’t mean that they won’t need what you learned somewhere down the line.


It’s crucial that you, as a Projector, know how to make correct decisions, especially when you need to take action that affects the course and direction of your life. 

1. Invitations and Recognition from Others 

2. Waiting, Watching and Enjoying life 

3. Discernment (in a specific way that’s contained in your design)

Invitation and Recognition from Others

In order for you to be an effective and successful guide for others you must be recognized and invited by the people you are guiding. Not just any invitation will do. You’re waiting for the invitation that feels the best in your body. In a sense, you’re saving yourself for the right people. This is especially important for those big things that could change the course of your life.

Invitations need to be direct and filled with specific recognition for who you are and what you offer. It needs to come from a person who has the power to facilitate the opportunity for you or provide the resources that support the success of the endeavor. An example of what is NOT an invitation is a general suggestion about something that you should do. If it doesn’t feel personal and direct, it isn’t an invitation. If it’s given by someone who doesn’t have the power to facilitate the opportunity, it’s not an invitation.

Invitations are not required for everything, just for those things that require a big commitment or outlay of energy. If your life is going to be deeply affected, then you definitely need to wait for the correct invitation. Some examples of things that require an invitation are… long term relationships, big geographical moves, changing jobs or careers. 

When you’re living true to yourself, you naturally feel more comfortable waiting for others to recognize and invite you into life’s opportunities. 

Waiting, Watching and Enjoying Life 

Projectors do a lot of waiting. It’s a gift and a luxury that other energy types don’t have to the degree that Projectors have. When you’re aligned with your true self, you may find that you like it this way. But you may also feel like you’re standing on the sidelines waiting for your life to start.

There is an advantage to being on the “so-called” outside. You aren’t as apt to get caught up in the busyness of the world and lose your precious and rare perspective… or worse yet… deplete your body and descend into bitterness. 

As you cultivate your passions, enjoy your life and hold out for the best opportunities and people to invite you out into opportunities, you develop the tremendous gift of discernment. You begin to recognize who and what feels right for you. You may also develop a keen sense of how others can best use their energy. 


Emotional Projectors – Discernment Over Time

You have to wait for emotional clarity to know the best actions to take. It’s most important to do this when you’ve received an invitation into something important. You live in a sea of emotions that have a natural rhythm of ups and downs. It can feel like a sense of nervousness in your body.

An invitation or recognition sets up a scenario where a decision is needed. This creates a cascade of chemicals that you experience as a wave of emotions. Each phase of your emotional wave reveals something that raises your awareness about how you feel about the situation or invitation. 

You must wait an adequate amount of time to feel your way through the process and get the whole picture. You’ll know that you’ve waited long enough when the nervousness subsides from your body and you feel calm inside. 

Splenic Projectors –Discernment in the Moment 

If you have a splenic authority, spontaneity is your friend, especially when it comes to invitations. You have strong survival instincts that speak to you through your body in the moment. When you receive an invitation, you will know right away if it’s good for you to accept it. If your splenic knowing system hasn’t been drowned out by the noise of conditioning, you’ll hear, feel, taste, perhaps even smell if something is healthy and safe for you or not. 

For example, when you get an invitation, your spleen center will give you a quiet cue that feels like a whisper in your nervous system. Think of hairs standing up on your arm, a gentle sense of relaxation, or some other bodily cue.  When you get your personal splenic cue that signals that the invitation is good or not good for you, you’re free to act upon it right there in the moment. If you miss the moment. You miss the opportunity.

It’s important to know that your instinctual cues come before thought. Instincts are primal and without sophisticated language. Instincts are about timing. The primal instincts of the spleen often prompt quick movements at just the right moment.  You can strengthen your relationship with your instincts by giving yourself permission to make decisions at the last moment.

Here’s my playlist of videos about the spleen center.

Ego Projectors – Discernment Through Your Heart

If you have an ego projected authority, you either have the will and heart to do something or you don’t. If you don’t have the will or heart for a project, it could be because the correct invitation hasn’t yet come along. When invitations are given, always consider what you want first. If it’s what you want, you can trust that it’s good for you. Some good questions to ask yourself are…

What’s in it for me?

Do I have the heart for this?

Self-Projected Projectors – Discernment Through the Voice of Your Identity

If you have a self-projected authority, your discernment about what’s right for you always comes through the words that you say in the moment. When considering an invitation, it’s important to talk out loud and to pay attention to what you’re saying. You speak for yourself, who you are, and what you enjoy. 

When you hear yourself speak out loud, you can often detect a shift in the frequency of your voice that can be a clue to you about whether or not something is correct for you. You may also feel that frequency in your chest. Practice speaking out loud to hear yourself talk. You’ll discover what the tonal qualities of your voice are telling you about your truth.

Video about  self-projected authority

Mental Projectors – Discernment through a Sounding Board

When you are a mental Projector, you need a trusted friend as a sounding board. Talk about your thoughts about the situation so that you can sort them out. Don’t let others give you advice. This is about working through your mental process.  If the invitation involves a change in environment, be sure to visit the new environment several times to see if it truly feels good to you. The wrong environment means the wrong people and the wrong invitation. 

The longer you wait to make your final decision about an invitation you received, the clearer you will get about whether or not the thing you’re invited into is actually a good situation for you. A minimum of 28 days is an ideal amount of time to work through your decision making process. Invitations for the big things in life must not be rushed. Once you’re in. It’s hard to get out.

Video about Mental Projectors


When you understand your Projector operating system, you can build trust in your body awareness and the guidance it provides. Remember that your true nature comes out when you allow yourself to relax, wait, and receive.

You don’t have the sustainable energy to work like most people work. You must take very good care of your body, rest before you get tired, and maintain strong boundaries.Waiting for the right opportunities and invitation are key to your success. Enjoy your life while waiting. This usually includes the joy of studying and mastering a system. 


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