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Is Your Human Design Authority Your Intuition?


The topic of intuition is something near and dear to my heart and I’ve been pondering how your Human Design inner authority is related to your intuition.  An explanation that’s articulate enough to share with you has finally come together.  Today we’re going to explore where your inner authority fits into your intuitive gifts.

Is your intuition the same as your Human Design authority? In my humble opinion, and in my understanding of the mechanics of human design… The answer to that question is yes and no. It depends on, in a sense, what your inner authority is and also what you are intuiting.

So let’s start with the definition of intuition. I always like to look up a definition, so we have something to anchor our discussion around. The definition that best fits is the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning and it’s often immediate. 

So if you are a generator or a manifesting generator who has a sacral authority, your intuition about yourself is in your sacral center. You intuitively know what’s best for you immediately through your sacral response. If you have a splenic authority, you intuitively (or instinctively) know what’s safe and healthy from moment to moment. For the rest of us, who have other decision-making authorities, there’s a process to knowing how you know if something is good, healthy, or correct for you.

The distinction I want to make as we wade into this is that your intuition can work in a couple of ways. You can intuit things about yourself, and you can intuit things about someone else. Let’s talk about the difference between the two. If you’re intuiting something about someone else, your understanding of your intuition can get very involved and complicated when you look at it in the context of the human design chart. So we’re going to stick to talking about your intuition about yourself. 

As mentioned, generators and manifesting generators, you have intuition about yourself through your sacral response that comes out of you as gutteral sounds. If you have a sacral authority, your intuition about yourself is experienced at the moment when you respond. Your knowing goes beyond conscious reasoning. It’s a felt sense in your body that’s expressed through pre-verbal sound.

But let’s say that you are a generator or manifesting generator who has an emotional authority, you don’t always have that truth in the moment, immediately. You have to wait for a while until your emotions subside. When you have an emotional authority or any other decision-making authority that requires you to take your time to get clarity, that doesn’t mean that you’re up in your head trying to reason things out. As the definition of intuition says, it’s not about conscious reasoning. 

What if you don’t have an immediate, beyond conscious reasoning, intuitive knowing about yourself through your inner authority? Does that mean that your authority is not part of your intuition?  I think we can safely say that your inner authority or your decision-making authority is part of your intuition. It is the part of the intuition that is about you knowing what’s best for you, whether you need to take your time because you’ve got an authority, like an emotional authority, where you need to feel through your body to eventually come to you that place where you know what’s best for you. 

Let’s take the perspective that your inner authority is the foundation of your inner knowing system and your intuition. If you don’t know or can’t discern what’s best for you by understanding how your body speaks to you, then all other knowing and intuition about other people, what’s going on in the room, even other things about yourself, none of that has a place to rest upon. It doesn’t have a support system, because you’re actually not grounded in knowing you.

If you’re wondering where your decision-making authority fits into my intuition, look at it as the bedrock for developing all of your other intuitive abilities. If you’re searching your Human Design chart to give you clues about your intuitive abilities, remember that none of those clues mean much of anything, unless you’re present in your body.  All of the information that you’re filtering about others, your environment (Reflectors), your invitations (Projectors), your responses (Generators and MG’s)… it’s always going to be distorted until you are truly aligned and discerning clearly from your inner authority. 

So is your inner authority, your intuition? IMHO, maybe or maybe not. I feel that following your authority is the foundation and the bedrock for any kind of intuitive development that you do. Because it will be the thing that you continually come back to and rely upon for discernment.  Your inner authority always guides you to knowing what’s yours to do, what yours to see, whether you’re seeing it clearly, whether you’re even in the right environment, and even what’s yours to intuit. You will know all of that by following your authority.

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