How Human Design Generators With a Lot of Open Centers Deal With Stress

How Human Design Generators With a Lot of Open Centers Deal With Stress. Generators with a lot of openness deal with stress differently than very open Projectors.

When Informing Brings Up Anger – What’s a Human Design Manifestor to Do?

Human Design Manifestors are told that their lives will be more peaceful when they inform before they taking action. But what happens when informing others actually creates anger and tension? This is a common issue among female manifestors (and some males) who really desire to keep the peace.

Single and Split Definition in the Human Design Chart

Definition is a very important thing to understand on your Human Design chart. In general, the term definition refers to the colored in areas in your chart. These are areas where your energy functions in a consistent way through the energy centers, and where you experience consistent themes through the gates and channels. Read More...

How to Be Successful When Human Design Says to Wait

You have probably heard this meme about waiting … “Good things come to those who wait”. But what if you tried it and it didn’t turn out that way? Each Human Design energy type can get caught up in doing things that aren’t really what they’re here to do. Waiting is a big part of most Human Design strategies. In this post we’ll explore the issue of waiting and what you can do while you wait to increase the likelihood that good things will come to you when it is time to take action. The majority of people in the world have a design which makes it necessary for them to wait in order to insure that they are successful, satisfied and fulfilled.


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