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How to Be Successful When Human Design Says to Wait


You have probably heard this meme about waiting … “Good things come to those who wait”. But what if you tried it and it didn’t turn out that way?

Each Human Design energy type can get caught up in doing things that aren’t really what they’re here to do. Waiting is a big part of most Human Design strategies. In this post we’ll explore the issue of waiting and what you can do while you wait to increase the likelihood that good things will come to you when it is time to take action.

The majority of people in the world have a design which makes it necessary for them to wait in order to insure that they are successful, satisfied and fulfilled.

  • Generators wait to respond.
  • Projectors wait for invitations.
  • Reflectors wait a long time for clarity before acting.

And even if you are a Manifestor energy type, who can easily initiate action after informing others who will be impacted by your actions, odds are you may still have to wait at times… either for clarity about what actions to take or for other people to get their acts together.

Here’s the conundrum…

In order to manifest the best things for you, you must wait for specific things to show up in the way that you’re designed to wait for them. But while you’re waiting, you may feel like you are not manifesting anything that you truly want or desire. The white areas in the Human Design chart are places where other people’s truths can cloud your own sense of what’s true for you.

This may actually be true! The way that you go about your waiting process now may not be creating the conditions necessary for success to come in the future. Here’s one major thing that can throw you off track and make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

You may be misguided by your own white space!

There are a lot of white spaces in the Human Design chart.

What I mean by that is if you have a lot of white spaces in your design, (get a copy of your Human Design chart to see), you are designed to take in energy from others and the world around you. These are places where other people’s truths can cloud your own sense of what’s true for you. So if you’re not aware of this dynamic and how it plays out in your life, you may not be using your waiting time productively.

You will know this is happening because you will continue to have the feeling that you are nowhere close to where you want to be. Or you may feel like you have no direction, or are falling short in your life.

There are two specific things that you can do while you’re waiting which will help you to create a more success and abundance. Before we look at them, I want to invite you to loosen up your ideas around what you “think” the outcome should be.

What’s truly correct for you may only be loosely related to what your mind thinks is correct for you. So you can’t always rely on your hard-core visions and ideas about how you want your life to turn out. Your mental visions about your life may very well be the things that are messing with your manifestation process.

Remember that those open areas in your design are about other people’s truths and not necessarily your own. The mind tends to formulate its visions from other’s truths. So if you’re relying on your big mental vision alone to guide you, you may be relying on inaccurate or in authentic coordinates.

You have to rely on the inner guidance of feeling when you’re creating authentic success. That’s why the waiting is so important for most people. It takes time to feel, observe and reconcile the inner information you receive so that it is meaningful and supportive of your true direction.

If you’re freaked out by the idea of loosening up your mental picture of how you want your life to be, because it seems like you’re leaving too much up to chance, bear with me. You don’t have to cut your mind out of the process altogether. You can use your mind to observe and see the big picture.

Your mental capacities can even set intentions that can be a powerful visual representation of where you are going. But your physical feelings will ultimately guide you and let you know if you’re still going in the direction of the most authentic, fulfilling and successful outcome.

The two things that you can be doing while you’re navigating by feel and waiting for things to come together are…

  • Do the most delicious feeling thing in each moment
  • Clean up the thing that stands in the way of you and the feeling of deliciousness

Basically it’s all about alignment, but not with what you think you want. It’s about alignment with the best feeling that you can feel in each moment. This journey of learning to live from your Human Design blueprint is a process of discovery that takes time.

When you allow the feelings of deliciousness … or for you it may be contentment, ease, joy or something else… to guide you on the inside, while you’re waiting for things to line up on the outside, you become more wise about your own truth.

But here’s the caveat. In order to stay aligned to your “feel good inner guidance”, you have to continually clean up what’s in the way of the “feel good”. You can’t throw the frustration, bitterness, disappointment or anger in a corner and still live from an authentic and empowered place.

The weight of all that baggage stands between you and your next amazing invitation, or thing to respond to, or that moment of clarity which inspires the next action. It builds up and diverts the flow of energy in your life so that you constantly feel off-course. If you feel like you’re nowhere close to where you want to be, you probably keep tripping over the baggage that stands between you and the alignment you seek.

The Human Design paradigm refers to this baggage as your “not-self” theme. Each energy type has a not-self theme. It’s the way that you know that you’re not aligned with your truth. And it’s a cue to indicate that it’s time to re-align by following your strategy to wait (or inform in the case of the Manifestor)

  • Generators feel frustrated
  • Projectors feel bitter
  • Reflectors feel disappointed
  • Manifestors feel angry

The waiting phase is an internally active process. You can take outer action, but it always starts with the inner work of alignment. Waiting is about aligning.

A way that you can become aware of when you’re not aligned is by becoming aware of when you’re feeling your “not-self” theme. You can then clean up what’s keeping you from the delicious flow of your life by becoming familiar with your strategy for making great decisions and learning to manage your energy optimally.

So as you can see there is a lot to be done while you’re waiting which can insure success down the road.

Do you know how (or if) you're designed to wait? A Human Design Reading sheds light on your specific codes for waiting and success.

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