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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In? Individual Circuitry in the Human Design Chart

Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In? Individual Circuitry in the Human Design Chart


If you struggle with the theme of feeling like you don't fit in or belong, you could have a lot of individual circuitry in your Human Design chart. This post is based on a video that I did which explains a little about your individuality as understood through individual circuitry, and why It’s so important that you embrace and live it.

I want to talk today about individual circuitry in the human design chart. If you don’t know where that is, here it is I colored it in on this blank chart. It runs between the inner and the outer channels, down on the bottom of the chart. It runs straight up the center, and it runs through the inside of the chart.

If you have channels that are colored in or defined here, they carry the codes for change in. They carry the codes for being an individual.

I’ve actually been working with several people lately, who are exclusively or almost exclusively defined in the individual circuitry. And this is not an easy thing if you have those channels defined … especially if you have all of your definition is through those channels of individuality. You may feel like you don’t fit in. You may feel like people don’t get you. You may feel like you’re the odd duck. You may feel like if you really did what you wanted to do … which is pretty much just pay attention to yourself … and do what you want to do … and be who you want to be … create what you want to create

There’s a reluctance to do that because other people don’t get you. They get upset with you. They ostracize you, and you feel like you’re the outsider.

I’m just going to encourage you. And this is really for everyone regardless of your circuitry. It’s so important to be who you are, to live as who you really are. Even if it upsets people … even if it pisses them off … even if they don’t get you and they try to ostrasize you … it’s so important because that’s the only way that you’re going to make your contribution in the world. This is so important for those of you who have individual circuitry.

You carry those codes for thinking of things that have never been thought of before… creating things that have never been created before … making change that has never happened before …

And of course the people who are designed to fit into the tribe aren’t going to get you. But do not let that stop you!

Don’t be reluctant to step through and be that one that people don’t get. Be courageous enough to create that thing that others don’t know they need, but may ultimately discover it’s needed for their survival.

If you don’t actually come through with that, then you’re not going to be happy. You’re not going to feel fulfilled, because you’re not creating or operating from that place of who you are. And therefore the rest of us aren’t going to get the benefit of what you’re here to contribute.

So don’t worry about being that one that doesn’t fit in. Don’t try to fit in. Because if you’re trying to fit in and be part of what everyone else is doing … if you’re going along with the crowd … then you never really get to get the insights … the experience … the opportunities that you need to create the mutation and the change that you’re here to create.

So my beloved individuals out there, please, please, please remember this.

It really does help to know who you are. And that’s where Human Design can come in. You can really understand in detail. You can really understand in detail what that individual circuitry is about. You can understand how you may try to dim your light by living like other people, and where that is mechanically in the chart. And then when you have that reference point of who you are and that reference point of how you’re trying to fit in, then you have your two navigation points for staying in your individuality… and whatever else is in your chart.

So be who you are. Forget the ones who don’t get you. Learn about who you are. Know who you are, and really have the courage to live it!

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