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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing How Human Design Generators With a Lot of Open Centers Deal With Stress

How Human Design Generators With a Lot of Open Centers Deal With Stress


I had lunch with a Generator friend the other day, and of course the conversation turned to Human Design. I find my friend’s design fascinating, because she only has 2 energy centers defined… the root and the sacral center. I’m used to working with Projectors who are this open, but Generators operate a little differently. I was curious about how she reacts when she gets stressed around other people. So we began to compare notes.

My Friend's Chart

Just as a Human Design background…. When you have a lot of open or white areas in your chart, you take in energy from others and experience it in an amplified way. This gives you the potential to become very wise, empathic, and sensitive to other people and your environment.

During our lunch we explored the difference between openness in a Projector (my design) and the openness in a Generator. Generators have a different aura than Projectors. Projectors absorb everything, whereas Generators attract. The aura that our energy type exudes determines how life comes to us and how we deal with it.

Both of us also have a background in counseling in large bureaucratic organizations. And both of us found this very overwhelming and stressful. So as we discussed the Generator vs Projector aura mechanics, a few things became clear…

  • Both types, when open, have the potential to read others through the experience of them in our open centers.
  • How each type reacts to that experience is very different.

My Generator friend explained to me that when she is processing a lot of overwhelming outside information, i.e. other people demands, emotions and pain, she literally feels it as energy sticking onto her. Picture magnets covering a refrigerator. And her reaction is to feel like she wants to crawl into a corner and protect herself from the onslaught of energy coming at her.

By contrast, I had the experience… in that large bureaucratic organization … of losing myself. When I got to the point of burnout, I no longer knew who I was. If someone asked me how I felt I couldn’t tell them. I was so full of everyone and everything else that I had absorbed, that there was no way I could feel myself.

We both agreed that regardless of the way you process energy, it’s really important to take time to take care of yourself. In her case, she needed time to unstick the magnets from her attractive aura. In my case, I needed time to totally release what I had absorbed.

Regardless of your energy type, good self-care that supports your unique design is essential. A good self-care plan goes beyond unsticking magnets and hiding from others until you can release their energy from your system. It all starts with listening to your body’s guidance about the choices you make, and becoming confident that you can trust what you’re feeling. This isn’t very easy for most who have open designs. When you master it, however, you will find that you reach a whole new level of clarity and well being.

Want to know more about Generators? Check out this playlist on YouTube.


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