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How Human Design Helps You to Be Successful


This is the beginning of a series about how your Human Design type, strategy, and authority can help you get you into the flow of the success that’s meant for you. In this installment of the series, I want to lay the basic groundwork for our conversation by defining success, talking about the mind/body components of success, and discussing how Human Design strategy and decision-making authority are tools for attaining successful outcomes in your life.

Defining Success the Human Design Way

Success, in the way we will discuss it in this series, doesn’t have a lot to do with the nice car, material riches, and prestige that conventional folks may think of. So put that out of your mind for now. We’re going to get to the fundamental feel within your body indicating whether or not you’re on the right track for what you’re meant to experience and how you’re meant to grow as a result of your experience. Success, as defined here, has more to do with being able to be authentic, attracting the right allies, and being able to experience your potential without blocks and impediments.

The teachings of Human Design describe various emotional themes that each energy type experiences when they’re aligned with their true design. The alignment comes through the practice of strategy and authority. Traditionally, the theme of success is the emotional theme that’s assigned to the Projector energy type’s experience. When we get to the part in the series about Projectors, I’ll explain more about that. For this series, however, I want to use the term success more broadly and assert that each energy type has its own form of success.

So let’s define success as the ability to move without resistance through your life in an authentic way. Because all else that follows, the achievement of goals, the realization of a dream, etc, are byproducts of the decisions you make and the actions you take. 

How Human Design Strategy and Authority are Tools for Success

If you meet with a lot of resistance when you’re trying to take action, you’re not going to get very far toward your goals. If you’re making decisions that aren’t an expression of your truth, you won’t be engaged with the right people and activities that would bring you true success in a sustainable way.

The practice of following your energy type’s strategy and listening to your decision making authority is fundamentally the key to helping you release resistance and attract the right people and opportunities into your life. The strategy and authority tools can have a profound effect on the course of your life and the success you experience.

In the subsequent installments of this series, we’ll address each energy type’s strategy along with the related decision making authorities. I’m going to attempt to do it in plain language so that you get it, without getting bogged down in the sometimes confusing language of Human Design. Of course, we’ll weave in the Human Design terms whenever applicable. 

The Body/Mind Components of Success

Human Design Bodygraph body mind

When you first see your Human Design chart, you may wonder what the body/mind connection has to do with it. The chart itself appears quite mechanical, like an electrical schematic. But what it actually lays out in layers and layers of esoteric symbolism and visual illustration, is the way that your body (see the red side of the chart) and the mind (see the black side of the chart) work together to create your blueprint for life experiences, strengths, and characteristics that you have to work with in this lifetime.

Put simply, it shows you how success is possible by allowing your body and mind to work together. This means that your body takes it’s journey without interference or micromanagement from the mind. Your mind can then be free to observe, gain wisdom, and be the big picture presence in your human journey.

What’s been lost on many… and I’m hoping not on you… is that the body calls the shots when taking actions in life, even when it comes to creating success. You can’t override your body’s needs and desires for very long, without suffering the consequences of poor health, burnout, and perhaps even the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Much of success, as you may suspect, is about being in the right place at the right time. Your body actually has its own mechanism for placing you right where you need to be at the most opportune times. But if you’re “thinking” that you “should” take action that your body didn’t clearly signal you to do, you could very well throw off the calibration of your inner homing mechanism. 

This again, is where strategy and authority come in. Following your strategy for your energy type and listening to your decision making authority, helps you to listen, feel, and discern what your body is telling you about the best direction to take. It helps you to understand what’s true and good for you at the very deepest levels… a.k.a. in traditional Human Design as the magnetic monopole.

What to Do Next

If this topic interests you, go ahead and find your type, strategy, and authority on your Human Design chart (as mentioned above). If you’re not sure how to do that, watch this quick video about Where Type, Strategy, and Authority are on the Human Design chart. 

See you in the next installment!



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