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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing When Human Design Generators Don’t Feel Like Working It's Probably Because of This

When Human Design Generators Don’t Feel Like Working It's Probably Because of This


Human Design Generator and Manifesting Generator (MG) energy types are designed to find a lot of satisfaction in in their work. They have the work energy to dig in and get things done in a very real and often physical way. They are here to create and build the things that are necessary to sustain our existence in the world. And they often feel energized and empowered when using their energy in this way.

This is a typical description of how Generators and Manifesting Generators are understood through the lens of Human Design. But for many of them it doesn’t ring true.

I recently shared Human Design with an awesome group of female entrepreneurs in Danielle Gardner’s Quiet Marketing Mastermind. Most of the women in the group are Generators and MG’s energy types. When I got to the part about how Generators and MG’s thrive by doing work, it didn’t fully resonate with some of them.

Instead of being energized and empowered, the idea of doing more work left many of them (before they found Dani’s group) feeling like they were slaves to a system that didn’t value them. They didn’t want more work. They wanted more satisfaction.

This type of reaction is common. Often Generators and MG’s do get irritated when they first hear that they’re here to work….

No more work! The last thing they want is more work.

For eons they’ve been building civilizations… from the pyramids to the factories… they’ve been building it and maintaining it, so that the rest of us can thrive. If it weren’t for their ability to do the labor that allows us to sustain lives, we probably would’ve starved and frozen to death long ago.

But Generators and MG’s often do grapple with burnout and stress. They feel overburdened and underappreciated. They get frustrated and they just want to give up.

If work is supposed to be so good for the Generator and MG, then why does this happen?

One thing that Generators and MG’s need to understand is that they’re not here to do just any work. They’re here to do their work … the work that gives them a sense of satisfaction when they do it … the work that they can wrap their life-force around in a very loving way.

For far too long, Generators and MG’s have been kept in the dark about their incredible power to create and move the world. Instead, they’ve been persuaded to use their energy to build and maintain things that don’t satisfy and empower them. This has caused their systems to malfunction, backfire, and fizzle out … until they’re just too worn out to do the very thing that would ultimately sustain them… their beloved work.

But here’s the thing… They can get back on track fairly quickly by listening to their guidance system. That motor that drives their work energy also drives their guidance system. In Human Design speak we call this the “Sacral Response”. When they listen to the guidance that comes from their sacral response, they know what work to do. When they honor their sacral response from moment to moment, they automatically do the work that energizes, empowers and brings them deep satisfaction.

Human Design Readings for Generators and Manifesting Generators: GO HERE


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