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Defined Spleen Center and the Cat


Do you have a brown triangle on the lower left side of your Human Design chart? If so, you have a defined spleen. If you have this center defined in your bodygraph you may be struggling to understand how it works.

Defined Spleen Human Design Chart

The spleen center is often described as a quiet internal voice that speaks only once. This can be perplexing if you’re trying to tune into it for the first time … especially if it’s your decision making authority.

As someone with a defined spleen who has done many Human Design readings for splenically defined people, I would like to share an analogy with you that may help you to get in touch with your spleen’s primitive power. If you’ve been struggling to hear or feel your splenic response, this analogy may add some dimension to your understanding.

First let’s review some basics about the defined spleen….

The spleen is the center that regulates instinct and vitality. The energy of the spleen fuels the immune system through the lymph system. The lymph system is like a full body net that filters toxins, so that the immune system can function at its best. The splenically defined person, when healthy, consistently exudes physical vitality.

People who have a defined spleen are naturally attuned to their survival instincts. When they allow themselves to be in the moment, they can trust that their instincts will alert them to danger.

The Spleen is Like a Cat…

If you have a defined spleen and can’t quite grasp how the spleen speaks to you, think of a cat when it’s out in nature or on the hunt. The cat, whether wild or domestic, is the epitome of raw survival instinct, combined with feel good vitality.

The cat stays very still when assessing danger or feeling out the right time to pounce on its prey. Its eyes may move or its ears may twitch, but the rest of the cat’s body is ready and waiting to get the signal to move. When the cat gets that signal it doesn’t hesitate. It doesn’t think. It just makes its move.

There is no mental thinking or reasoning for the cat. It feels sensations through its body. And, like the spleen, operates with awareness in the NOW.

Now think of the cat when it’s relaxing. It exudes a sense of well being that influences others around it to relax and feel good. The same is true for the spleen center.

A relaxed cat instinctively knows that it’s safe to let down its guard. The body is aware that there is no danger, and it’s resting and preparing for the next time it needs to spring into action.

So the next time you’re struggling to get in touch with how your defined spleen works, see if you can channel your inner cat. Stay in the moment. Attune to your body. And let the feel-good flow through.

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