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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing What MemberVault Taught Me About My Human Design Profile

What MemberVault Taught Me About My Human Design Profile


I almost walked away from the MemberVault course platform, until I didn't. My account sat practically dormant for almost a year. I lost heart when my courses didn't sell. I felt overwhelmed by the technology. And in general, I thought I had discovered a lot of things that didn't work for me. And now I'm back with a renewed commitment to using this platform for fun and of course, profit. I don't know what changed. But I do know that my Human Design line 3 profile had oh so much to do with it.

The Human Design enthusiasts get it when I tell you that I'm a 3/5 Projector. For the rest of you, I'm talking about what's known as the profile your chart. In the interest of staying light about this post, here's the HD quick, down, and dirty... The profile is the role you take on in life as you're living it and experiencing your path and purpose.

The third line profile is highly experiential. As a 3/5, I discover a lot of things that don't work. And after a lot of trial and error, I share what I've learned about what may work better (with my line 5).

Each profile has a bonding strategy... the way you connect with life and people. My bonding strategy as a line 3 is "bonds made and broken".  So back in the beginning... probably some time close to the beginning of MemberVault (MV) ... I got onboard and then proceeded to experiment the heck out of the platform. I got so wrapped up into trying to learn the platform and creating courses, that I almost forgot that my business is about guiding people, primarily one to one.

After the course creation experiment burned me out, I decided to try selling my private sessions through MV and that was tremendously profitable. It was so profitable that I got overwhelmed with tracking my clients and felt that I needed to have a better system for that... the backend stuff... contracts, email tracking, payment tracking etc. And that's when I broke the bond with MemberVault and decided to spend beaucoup time, money, and energy on creating a client management system through Dubsado.

Don't get me wrong... that was absolutely the best move for my private client work. (sidebar... I highly recommend Dubsado. Here's my affiliate link.

I was away from MemberVault for a long time, reworking my systems and reattuning my business to the core frequency of simplicity. Yet my intuition and guide team... yes I work with spirit guides ... kept pulling me toward the feeling that I need to gather my followers and clients into a simple container of support. And that's what lead me back to MV. At first I thought I could do it with "simpler" tools. Then simpler turned into complicated as I tried to piece things together on my own.

That's when I learned (once again) that simplicity starts with me, my approach, my clarity, my willingness to avoid the weeds of all of the possibilities and stay focused on what's most important that's in front of me. So here I am, launching my new (simplistic) energy support membership, and allowing the tools that are here to support me rather than overwhelm me. 

Life (and business) is not always easy for someone with a third line profile in their Human Design chart. We go out there and discover things by wading through the weeds of experiences. That means we need to take breaks (break bonds) and have other experiences in order to see what truly does and does not work. I'm so glad that I didn't give up my MemberVault account before the experiment was complete. Now I have all of the experience and wisdom to make this platform work for me.


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