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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing How the Emotion Code Helped Me Deal With the Stress and Grief of Pet Loss

How the Emotion Code Helped Me Deal With the Stress and Grief of Pet Loss


Within the span of 5 weeks in late 2022, both my dog and cat passed away.  It wasn’t unexpected.  Both were aging and had been struggling with their health for some time.  As we approached the end, the stress of being their hospice nurse and my grief over the prospect of saying goodbye, was overwhelming.  

I’m not one who naturally emotes.  It’s just not how I’m designed.  Crying can be difficult for me.  So, instead of being able to let out my grief and sorrow, I felt like I was drowning in a pool of internal tears.  My emotions felt trapped in my heart and I needed help to release them so that I could be present for my animals and myself during the sacred process of crossing over. 

That’s when The Emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson found its way onto my Kindle. Like most healing modalities that change my life, it appeared at the perfect time.  I must’ve recognized that I needed this technique to facilitate my own healing.  But what really caught my attention was the chapter on healing pets and animals.  

Lucky for me, the book contains all of the basic techniques.  I inhaled the material in the book in a matter of days and started to immediately practice the techniques. Not only did I begin to feel lighter, I also felt much more in tune with my pets’ needs and desires. 

If you’ve ever cared for a dying pet, you know that it’s crazy stressful to understand what they need and want.  You worry about their comfort.  You wonder if there’s more you can do.  You anguish over when or if to make the fateful appointment with the veterinarian to euthanize them. And on top of that, you’re dealing with the ever increasing mess and strain of caring for their daily needs.  I was caught up in all of this when I started using the Emotion Code techniques.  

What transpired in my dog’s passing was miraculous, and I can’t help but think that it had to do with the work that I did on myself and her as she started into her transition.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a simple and powerful method of releasing trapped emotional energy from a person’s or animal’s body and subconscious mind. With the subject’s permission, the practitioner energetically connects with the subject’s subconscious and quickly and easily identifies trapped emotions in their system. The trapped emotions are then released through an equally quick and easy process. 

People often report feeling lighter, more at ease, and emotionally balanced after one or more sessions. Animals can’t report their feelings, but may exhibit behavior that indicates greater relaxation, more energy, and balance.

Sadie’s Graceful Transition 

Sadie was a 12 or 13 year old medium sized mixed breed rescue dog.  She loved going on adventures with me, taking long walks, and protecting the house.  About a year before her passing, I noticed that she was less energetic, more winded, and grumpier than usual.  I chalked it up to age and adjusted our activities accordingly.  About 4 months before her passing, my husband noticed a large lump in her neck.  It turned out to be lymphoma.  She initially took to her treatment well, until she didn’t any longer.  From there, she lasted about 2 more months.

Those last weeks were filled with sleepless nights for her and me, as she struggled to breathe. During this time, I started using the Emotion Code on her and me… and the entire family.  We released so many trapped emotions from Sadie’s puppy days, when she had been abandoned.  And with each release, I felt her relax a bit.  I also released much of my own stress and grief that was getting in the way of being in tune with Sadie.  

The odd part about working on myself and Sadie was that we didn’t have any big dramatic or cathartic moments.  The releases were gentle. After briefly identifying the trapped emotion and revisiting the memory (if it was identified), it felt like the emotional charge gently evaporated.

The time came when I knew I needed to make the appointment for Sadie’s euthanasia.  Because I had released so many of my own trapped emotions, I could clearly feel when she was ready to go.  So I called on a Friday and made an appointment to take her in on the following Wednesday.  Over the weekend, I explained to her about “crossing the rainbow bridge.”  

Interestingly, my cat, who was not on good terms with my dog, stayed close by.  Perhaps he was listening closely because he knew his time was near.

A couple of days before her vet appointment,  Sadie seemed to have a bit more energy.  She followed me outside and hovered by my car as though she wanted to go for a ride.  It took a bit for me to understand where she wanted to go, but I was clear that she wanted to go somewhere. We ended up in our old neighborhood where Sadie had grown up, visiting with the people who lived across the street from our old home.  Sadie laid out on their lawn for the longest time, gazing up at our old house.  

On the way home, Sadie gazed out the window with a far off look in her eyes.  When we arrived home, she walked into the house and promptly fell over.  After a few short full body spasms, her life-force left her body, as the most peaceful smile spread across her face.  Her last hours were joyful and sacred.  Her passing was quick and stress free. 

Was the grace and ease of Sadie’s passing because of the Emotion Code? I may never know for sure.  I do know that I was  relaxed and in tune with her during the process.  She also had a bit more energy (to do something like take a car ride) than she had prior to the Emotion Code work.  

The Cat and My Lingering Grief

Puddy (cat) was a 16 year old domestic longhair cat.  He was rescued by my husband and given to me as a wedding gift.  Puddy had issues, as many rescue cats do.  Yet he was at the center of my heart and soul for as long as he was in my life.  Puddy had been sick for longer than Sadie with multiple old age issues.  For the last couple of years of his life, he struggled with thyroid and kidney disease. In spite of temporarily gaining weight early on in his diagnosis, he slowly dwindled to a fraction of his original self.

Sadie’s sudden illness overshadowed Puddy’s long term struggles.  While I kept up with Puddy’s physical care, I had regret after his passing about not giving him the kind of emotional attention that I gave Sadie during those last weeks.  Puddy passed 5 weeks after Sadie. By the time Sadie had passed, Puddy’s energy had nearly entirely evaporated. The opportunity to spend quality time together (as I did with Sadie) had already passed.  And in those 5 weeks between Sadie and Puddy’s passing, I watched Puddy’s little light steadily extinguish itself before my very eyes.

I did some Emotion Code work on him during his transition, but I felt he wasn’t entirely present for it.  I also continued to do my own Emotion Code work to ease my grief and regret.  As a result, I knew exactly when Puddy was ready to leave.  I made the appointment with his vet with calmness and clarity.  And while I still continue to experience bouts of grief regarding his passing, I’m able to work my way through it with the help of the Emotion Code.

While working through my grief in this way, I uncovered a lot of root issues that have kept me tethered to guilt and self doubt in other areas of my life. Perhaps that was Puddy’s parting gift to me… to facilitate the release of long-held, subconscious patterns.

The Emotion Code and Grief

Grieving is a process that requires gentleness and time.  I’m glad I found the Emotion Code to help me stay present to my grief and gently release my underlying trapped emotions.  Without it, the loss of two pets within a short period of time would’ve been too overwhelming. With it, I’ve stayed out of potential suffering and have been able fully participate in the sacredness of this experience.

Emotion Code Sessions

As a result of using this powerful technique on myself and my pets, I decided to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  So far, my study and practice has shown me that The Emotion Code not only helps with grief, but it can also promote healing in a variety of other situations, such as relationship issues, stress and anxiety of all kinds, blocks to success. It may even have applications for the Human Design deconditioning process.


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