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Prep Your Human Design New Year


If you approach the first of January each year feeling totally unprepared for the new year, you’re not alone. The contrived Gregorian calendar has us all messed up and out of sync with the seasons. While there is a collective stream of consciousness that makes us feel like we need to be starting something new at this time, deep inside, your body is probably telling you something different. 

The Human Design (or Rave) new year starts a bit later than January 1st.  Its calculation is based on the sun’s rotation around the I’Ching mandala.  As the sun moves into gate 41 (known as decrease in the I’ching and the gate of contraction in traditional Human Design) on January 22nd, we are all collectively initiated into the beginning of a new cycle of experience.  This is the beginning of something new… which will take much of the rest of the year to bear fruit.

Getting back to these first few weeks of January… While the out of sync collective world is feeling pressured to make resolutions that will mostly be forgotten by next month, let’s take the next few weeks to prepare for a potent new beginning on the 23rd.  In this post, I want to give you some questions to ponder that are reflective of each of the themes that the sun is traveling through in these last few weeks of the old year. These questions will help support you in consciously harnessing the power of this time to clarify what has gone before and open you up to what is to come this coming year. 

Are you ready? Quick, before we start, here’s a clip of the January calendar with the sun and earth gates (plus their line values) laid out. You can check it to see where we are in the cycle on the day you are reading this … and also on all days when you refer back to this guide. 

The plan is to change this out yearly.  If you discover that the calendar is out of date (because I forgot to come back to this article next year) feel free to contact me and let me know. Image courtesy of

Gate 38 - The Fighter

  • What has been challenging about this year? 
  • Has your perseverance brought you closer to or further away from success (projectors), satisfaction (generators and mg’s), peace (manifestors), surprise (reflector)
  • What challenges are worth engaging in as you move forward?  

Gate 54 - Ambition 

  • What aspirations did you fulfill this year?
  • How did you experience success (or not) this year?
  • What aspirations do you have for the coming year?

Gate 61 - Inner Truth

  • What truths about yourself were revealed to you this year?
  • How is your life changing to reflect those truths?
  • What changes can you make to live more of your truth in the coming year?

Gate 60 - Limitation

  • What restrictions or limitations did you encounter this year?
  • How did those limitations contribute to changes you made?
  • What do you need to do for yourself in order to have a strong foundation for growth and change in the coming year?

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