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How to Experiment With Human Design


How many times have you rolled your eyes because someone told you that they tried something new and different and it changed their entire life? Sure, sure, sure … another personal growth gimmick that promises total life transformation… that’s what a lot of us who are Human Design enthusiasts seem to be selling. Yet here’s the thing…

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System, said it best … “Don’t believe a thing I tell you, try it for yourself.”

That’s what I want to encourage you to do. If you’ve stumbled upon this system by way of a friend, coach, blog post, or video, that enthusiastically endorses the value of Human Design, pause for one moment and take a breath. Many of us who stand on our soapboxes or proselytize on a street corner of the worldwide web usually can’t help it. We’re often hardwired to share that which we have experienced that worked to bring change into our lives.

So back to YOU…

You may have received a copy of your Human Design chart and thought… “hmmm this is interesting, but what does it mean?”.  Or maybe you just heard about how great it is and you have no idea about how to proceed.

There are only a few things about knowing your design that will truly benefit you in the beginning. This is what Ra Uru Hu was referring to when he said to try it for yourself. As I tell many of my client’s, it’s all theory until it’s lived. So here’s how to begin living into your design so that you can see if it will change your life…

  • Get a thorough understanding of your energy type. This will give you a customized view of the way that your energy field influences and is influenced by others. This will give you a good idea of the general purpose of your presence on the planet. And you will also glean a deeper understanding of how you’re equipped to take this journey that we call human life.
  • Become familiar and start to experiment with your strategy and authority. Strategy and authority are a couple of those obscure buzzwords that are so common to the traditional way of working with the system. Don’t be intimidated by the language. Your strategy is simply the way that your energy type ideally takes action to be in the flow of life instead of in resistance to it. Your authority, which is interdependent with strategy, is basically your guidance system for making good decisions. 

If you do these two things in the spirit of experimentation, you will probably see some positive changes in your life. After all, whose life doesn’t get better when resistance and stress are reduced and better decisions are made?

I invite you to give it a try.

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