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Human Design and Relationships - What You Need to Know


Human Design is such a powerful tool for understanding yourself, your needs, and your authentic expression.  Did you know that Human Design is also a great tool for understanding your relationship dynamics? It won't fix all of your relationship problems or heal your trauma, but it will help you get a better understanding of how you and your loved one are potentially affected by each other.  There are a few things you need to know to make the most of this aspect of Human Design.  We're going to discuss them here.

1. The relationship takes on a life of it's own - When you're examining your relationship under the lens of Human Design, the charts of both people are combined to make a composite chart.  When two people share a space (i.e. are in the same room together), their energies combine to make an entirely different energetic entity with it's own potentials, characteristics, strengths, and way of functioning.  If you've ever wondered why you're more creative with one person and more logical with another, it could be that your composite chart brings out these characteristics within you. 

Here's a sample composite chart of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Notice the bodygraph in the middle.  That's the representation of their relationship's energetic makeup.

2.  Potential Areas of Attraction or Repulsion - Electromagnetic channels can give you insight into what brought you together with your loved one and what pushes you apart.  An electromagnetic is when one person has one gate defined in their chart and the other person has the opposite gate defined.  The two gates connect and it gives the relationship access to two potential ways of functioning through the energy centers that the channel defines.  As an example, Prince Harry has the gate 1 defined and Meghan Markle has the gate 8.  It gives them consistent access to the energy of love, identity, and direction (in the G center... yellow diamond) and expression (in the throat center).  The direction that their expressing is a creative and innovative one through the channel of inspiration.  On the flip side, they could experience episodes of friction over whose creative direction gets to be expressed.

3. Compromise channels mean compromise and also potential growth - When there are compromise channels in the Human Design composite chart, one person has the entire channel defined in their chart and the other person only has one of the gates defined. The person with the defined gate could feel like they need to compromise when it comes to living out the theme of that channel. In this example, Meghan Markle has the 11/56 channel defined... the channel of curiosities.  Prince Harry only has the gate 11 defined.  You could see in their relationship that Meghan's curiosities take precedence over Harry's.  Meghan's experiences may be more prominent than Harry's.  Her ideas may be the ideas that have a voice within the relationship.

4.  Repulsion and compromise don't mean that the relationship is doomed.  - When both people are using their energy correctly, both people can possibly learn from each other and grow in compassion and understanding.  Everyone has sticking points and challenges within all of their relationships.  How you live out your part determines what's experienced through the relationship dynamics.  If you're living out your individual design with a lot of pain, and misalignment, you're going to distort the highest potentials of the relationship.  If you're living out your design with alignment, you're going to enter into relationships with the least amount of resistance. And that brings me to one last point...

5.  Explore your relationship composite to learn about yourself. Some people mistakenly think that a Human Design Relationship Reading will give them insight into how they can change their partner or manipulate them into seeing what needs to be fixed.  If you're thinking about getting a composite reading, don't fall into this trap.  The gift of Human Design was given to the planet as a tool for becoming our own authority.  When you approach your relationship through the lens of Human Design, approach it as an extension of your personal experiment.  Learn about how you're affected by the relationship's energy, and how you can better manage your own energy to be a more whole and sovereign being within the construct of the relationship's dynamics.

pssst... If you're curious about what a Human Design relationship composite reading, here's a recorded brief overview of Harry and Meghan's chart.


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