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Experimenting With My Business in Human Design Style


Since going through a full cycle (and a little more) of Human Design deconditioning, I've pulled apart so many things in my chart to understand what makes me tick. As Ra Uru Hu termed it, I've experimented with my design and differentiated my true nature from my conditioning. That’s what’s happening behind the scenes here with my business as well. If you care to live vicariously through this 3/5 Splenic Projector’s experiences, please read on.

It started around the 10 year mark of my Human Design experiment.  I began to feel that I had studied all of the things that I wanted to study with regard to Human Design.  Sure, sure, sure, there’s always a rabbit hole at each turn that must be explored, if not but briefly along the way.

But something was happening in my body… which is the point of the experiment after all…a greater alignment and ease. 

I could feel that changes were coming. And the subject that I loved so dearly, the Human Design bodygraph, wasn’t providing me with the same level of geekery fulfillment that it once did.  My active mind was feeling restricted by all of the discipline I had imposed upon learning the craft of reading charts. At a very deep level, I was coming to understand that the structures that were imposed upon me by other people’s business models, just weren’t congruent with my design.

Meanwhile, my body kept coaxing me with gentle encouragement, “Let’s just be and enjoy and rediscover what brings me joy from moment to moment.” 

It’s just like a body with the unconscious sun in gate 52 (stillness) and unconscious earth in gate 58 (joy) to want to behave this way after all of those years of deconditioning. It’s no longer possible to ignore those kinds of signals. So for the past few years I’ve been going with it and watching all of the processes and procedures in my business fall apart and deconstruct. 

This year, 2022, has been particularly alarming. I’ve pretty much painted my way through the year, wondering if I’ve lost my mind.  But my body keeps telling me to be patient and flow with it until I’ve dialed back everything that’s no longer supportive of how it wants to conduct my business moving forward and dialed into the structures that will support the expansion of my soul. 

Along the way, the messages of inner guidance have been clear…

  • Follow your bliss
  • Simplify
  • Trust
  • Practice, practice, practice what you’re really into (right now it’s painting and art)
  • And above all else, experiment!

Apparently, I haven’t been experimental enough with what I’ve offered through my business. Apparently, I haven’t been as strategic as I could have been when my line 3 process showed me yet another thing that didn’t work out. Apparently, I haven’t been streamlined enough to get my creations out in a timely manner so that I can fail fast and keep going to the line 5 discoveries that bring practical solutions. 

I’ve learned that all of the years of study, practice, and working with clients on their Human and soul designs has been preparation… for what I’m not sure yet. Projectors never lose an ounce of the experience they accumulate.  It just transforms and morphs into the next thing that’s invited out of them. So that’s what I’m trusting as I unpack aspects of myself that were set aside because of intense focus on something else.  I’m unpacking and developing it all right now.

So back to business differentiation and experimentation…

There are three urges moving through me that I’ve struggled to integrate under the umbrella. In terms of level of focus, they’re laid out in this order.

  • The desire to bring healing and intuitive guidance to the forefront in a simple and accessible way. 
  • The pull toward serving my local community through groups of people who enrich my life and support my work.
  • The ever present Projector imperative to go deeply into one person at a time.  It brings me great joy to help people make sense of themselves and their lives through Human Design readings and intuitive guidance.

As you can see, it would appear that my heart moves in three different directions. This is part of the developmental and experimental process that has driven me to set up 3 separate but related business identities (for now.) It feels like my business needs to differentiate itself, just like we do during our Human Design experiment.

By pulling apart the pieces, I can better see what’s lasting and true. And I can also see what isn’t.  Sound familiar?  It’s kind of like pulling apart your chart and looking at definition and openness… feeling into your parts… seeing how your design works.  Then eventually you move into a deeper resonance and trust with yourself. Eventually, you decondition, become your sovereign self, and take your authentic path in life.  

My business differentiation experiment is an extension of my Human Design experiment. As I split apart the pieces, I get to see how they work with my design.  After years of studying my design in the context of business, it’s going to be fun to put my various points of focus into practice to discover what’s congruent and what’s not.

Of course, I can’t go gangbusters on all the arms of the business at once. So my focus will shift from one thing to the next until some stability in the systems and processes have been developed.  Here’s what will probably work, until I discover that aspects of it don’t…

  • The one to one client work has a stable system. I’m just waiting to be invited to do readings at this point. Invitations are accepted through this website.
  • My healing energy and intuition is on and moving through me very strongly right now. So this is the time to focus upon discovering the delivery systems that are the most effective and fun. That’s manifesting as Shift With Sandy Freschi
  • The connection with my local community is a work in progress. It feels like a baby that needs to be nurtured for a while.  I’m developing relationships that feel potent and meaningful. And this will inevitably lead to meaningful and potent invitations down the line.

Will I go crazy in the process of business differentiation or will I gain wisdom about what does and doesn’t work? I’ll keep you updated on the progress as we go. For now, keep experimenting with what does and doesn’t work for you in your business.  If you need some clarity or support, I’m here for you.

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